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Are You Writing The Path Of Your Own Personal Brand?

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If I were to say Windows or Apple, what would be the first thing that comes to your mind? Would it be what we have all grown up knowing initially or do the products from both Windows and Apple come to mind? Perhaps, you thought of the late Steve Jobs or Bill Gates as well. They both have had their …

Energy Attraction Divine Clients (1)

What Energy Are You Putting Out To Attract or Not Attracting Your Divine Clients?

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You have the influence to engage your divine clients just the way you desire and you are attracting those divine clients to you, because you are attuning yourself to bring more of those divine clients to you. You have all that is within to attract those paying clients whom you can do your best work for. They will come with …

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What Is The Brand Essence Of “YOU?”

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What does your Brand Essence™ Say About You? Does it say that you are stuffy? Boring? Out-Of-The-Box Thinker? High-Achiever? Go-Getter? Or I Am Who I Am? How are you living your Brand Essence™ Lifestyle? What do you consider to be your Signature Style that captures your divine client’s attention and creates value for them that would initiate “Raving Fans” and a …