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What Is The Brand Essence Of “YOU?”

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What does your Brand Essence™ Say About You? Does it say that you are stuffy? Boring? Out-Of-The-Box Thinker? High-Achiever? Go-Getter? Or I Am Who I Am? How are you living your Brand Essence™ Lifestyle? What do you consider to be your Signature Style that captures your divine client’s attention and creates value for them that would initiate “Raving Fans” and a …


If Your Branding & Marketing Is Failing, It Is Because Of You!

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The year 2014 has just about come and gone and your business cash flow is the same or lower than the previous year or you don’t have as many divine clients as you desired, nor do you have the brand awareness that you had hoped for. Okay, so then I ask you these questions, “What have you done differently? What …

How Are You Packaged-

How Are You Packaged?

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We are all packaged differently because we are unique in our own right and we should be grateful for that. A “Package” is defined as a bundle of something, usually small or large, but wrapped, boxed, or contained. I can take that to mean in the “Essence of Personal Branding,” as to say both the inside and the outside are …

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What Brand Experience Do You Want For Your Clients?

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The “Brand Experience” for everyone who encounters you or engages with you should be one that is unforgettable and rememberable as well. When you are building your Personal Brand Power, you should always, always, always be yourself and know that you are the only unique “you” and you must remain authentic at all times. If not, how can others connect …